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Discussion Questions for
Aesop's Fables

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With all of these stories you could ask, "What do you think the moral of the story means?"

"The Cock and the Pearl"

Why do people like some things more than others?(2)

"The Wolf and Lamb"

Why do you think the wolf needs to have an excuse to eat the lamb?(4-5)

"The Dog and the Shadow"

Why did the dog want another piece of meat when he already had one?
When people get what they want why do they sometimes want even more?(7)

"The Lion's Share"

Why did the lion not share with those animals that helped him?(9)

"The Wolf and the Crane"

They crane may have helped saved the wolf's life, so why did the wolf not reward the crane for its help?(10-11)

"The Man and the Serpent"

Is the serpent right that there are some things you cannot forgive and forget?(13)

"The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse"

Would you rather have everything you want but be afraid, or have very little and have no fears? Why?(15-17)

"The Fox and the Crow"

Why do you think flattery tricked the crow?(19)

"The Sick Lion"

What does the Lion mean by "This is a double death"? (23)

"The Ass and the Lap-Dog"

How can you know when and when not to joke?(25)
What do you "clumsy jesting" is?(25)

"The Lion and the Mouse"

What do you think this story means?(27)

"The Swallow and the Other Birds"

Why do you think it is sometimes hard to take advice? (28-29)

"The Frogs Desiring a King"

What do you "cruel rule" is? (31)
Do you think people need to have a King (or a President, or government)?

"The Hares and the Frogs"

Does if help to know that there are people who have more trouble than you do? Why or why not?(39)

"The Woodman and the Serpent"

Why do the wicked not show gratitude?(44)

"The Bald Man and the Fly"

Is it better to ignore people who bother you? Why or why not?(47)

"The Fox and the Stork"

Do you think it is true that "One bad turn deserves another"? Why or why not?(51)

"The Fox and the Mask"

Why is inner worth more important than outward appearances?(52)

"The Jay and the Peacocks"

What else, besides fine feathers, makes fine birds? (55)

"The Frog and the Ox"

Why do you think the father frog wanted to prove he was bigger than the ox?(58)


What does it mean to be noble?(61)
Why is gratitude a sign of being noble?

"The Hart and the Hunter"

Why did the Hart not appreciate his legs until it was too late?(65)

"The Serpent and the File"

Why was it useless for the serpent to attack the file? (67)
What does it mean to be insensible?

"The Dog and the Wolf"

Why is it better to starve free than to be a fat slave?(71)
Would you rather have lots of money and have to work all the time or not much money and work only a little?

"The Belly and the Members"

Why do you think the rest of the body thought the belly was not working hard enough?(73)

"The Hart in the Ox-Stall"

Why do you think only the Master noticed the hart's horns?(75)

"The Fox and the Grapes"

Why is it easy to despise what we cannot get? (77)

"The Horse, Hunter and Stag"

Why does the hunter decide to keep the horse? (81)
Why did the horse expect the hunter to let him go?

"The Ant and the Grasshopper"

Why is good to prepare for the future? (87)

"The Tree and the Reed"

What kinds of problems do famous people have that normal people do not?
What is obscurity and why can it bring safety? (88-89)

"The Fox and the Cat"

Why was the Fox unable to decide what to do?(91-92)

"The Wolf in Sheep's Clothing"

What does "Appearances are Deceptive" mean?
How would use this advice in your daily life?(93-94)

"The Man and the Wooden God"

Why does the man get so angry and attack the wooden god?
What do you think he learned? (98-99)

"The Fisher"

What does it mean to be in a "man's power"?(100-101)

"The Shepherds's Boy"

Why will a liar not be believed even when he speaks the truth?(102-103)

"The Young Thief and his Mother"

Was it the mother's fault that the boy was a thief? Why or why not?(104-105)

"The Man and his Two Wives"

How do you not "yield to all"?(106-107)

"The Tortoise and the Birds"

Why is it dangerous to let an enemy help you?(111-112)

"The Two Crabs"

Why is it hard to take the advice of someone who does not "practice what they preach"?
Why is "example the best precept"?(114)

"The Ass in the Lion's Skin"

Why are "fine clothes" able to disguise?
Why do "silly words disclose a fool"? (116)

"The Two Fellows and the Bear"

What did the man learn about his friend?(118-119)

"The Two Pots"

Is it true that the strong and weak should not keep company? Why or why not?(120-121)

"The Four Oxen and the Lion"

How could the oxen have stayed united? (122)

"Avaricious and Envious"

Why are "vices their own punishment"?
Ralph Waldo Emerson once wrote that "The only reward of virtue is virtue . . ." What do you think that means? (127)

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